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Lads, Men, Mind

L,M,M is a conversation based programme giving men the opportunity to discuss life's ups and downs, giving real insight into the male world.

Stories will emerge, tracing a path through childhood, early careers, inspiration, successes and failures - painting a picture of how each unique journey has shaped a life. Conversations will not only entertain but inspire and educate the audience.

'Mental Health' is a term used more and more often these days, but the word itself 'mental' is dated and immediately comes with negative connotations. Our minds are what we need to be looking after. We as men may use nutrition and fitness to maintain our body health, but do nothing to keep our mind health in check.

Mind Health is of paramount importance, and so often overlooked or shunned by men as whole. This series is not something that's just aimed at famous men, or sportsmen, or businessmen - it will encompass all men, from all backgrounds and walks of life.

Below is just some of the topics L,M,M hopes to cover in the programme:

Relationships          Grief           Work and Children           Marriage          Fitness            Do we cry            Being the provider         Being a role model          Divorced men and their kids

How are men viewed in the world          Worries with kids growing up          Sex and Drugs

Young men          Suicide in men          Body Image      Men's respect to women

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