Let's talk about it

At the heart of Lads, Men, Mind - it is about discussion. It is about guys getting together and just talking to each other. The worst possible thing for mind health is keeping all of your thoughts or feelings cooped up inside to develop and grow worse day by day. 

If you're an Olympic athlete or a sportsman at university, talk about how your training schedule to someone. Go into the details, the specifics - how long does each training session last? What time in the morning do you haver to wake up daily to fit it in? How does the duration or the intensity make you feel afterwards?

If you're a comedian or a musician, talk about how you feel being in front of an audience. Talk about the pressure you may feel to perform or share your knowledge you've gained from experience being at the centre of everyone's attention.

If you're suffering with alopecia or have just been diagnosed with cancer, talk about what you thought about when you very first realised and, how you feel about it now. Maybe your opinions are unchanged or maybe you just need a little advice on moving forward.

The three paragraphs above are examples that you may see featured in L,M,M's very own unique series of videos. By pairing likeminded people, we can draw interesting conversations between them by learning from their similarities and differences, as they in turn, learn from each other.

They conversations could take place in a car, a pub, or a living room but what matters is it's real guys, lads, men, getting together and just talking to each other for the sake of their mind health.


L,M,M are due to start filming in November. The videos may be released as early as January 2019. Until then here is a taster of what some of our content might be like:

The Programme

Although this is just a selection of sample videos for now, this is where the main L,M,M content will be featured. Scroll through to have a browse, or sort by category as below:


GRIEF: Rob Delaney on Grief and the Loss of His Son

Russell sits down to chat with the BAFTA winning star of Catastrophe, comedian and actor Rob Delaney about grief and the loss of his son Henry.


SUICIDE: Losing My Brother to Suicide

After losing my brother, Ben West tries to give you a glimpse of his experience in this video.


FITNESS: Kiwi Pair Bond and Murray on Rowing

There have been ups and downs, but the Kiwi Pair has made rowing history going unbeaten since they came together in 2009. Watch their journey and see how they got there.

SUICIDE: Jamal Breaks Taboos Around Men's Mental Health

Jamal Edwards talks to Stephen Myth about the biggest killer of males under 45. They discuss why so many men are taking their own lives, and whether society’s stereotypes of masculinity have stopped men from seeking help with depression. Guardian Speak Your Mind. 

GRIEF: How to Overcome Childhood Trauma

In this partial excerpt of TheFallenState TV, host Jesse Lee Peterson interviews radio and podcast host Dr. Drew Pinsky on overcoming childhood trauma.