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You probably know me from the Swan Inn Denham Village - well I have moved on after 17 great Years - My new venture is a website called Lads Men Mind (LMM) It’s a site for men to go to, young and old to communicate their stories.


I have suffered from depression for over 20 years and have had some really tough times.  I want a site that can help with mental health and start by calling it Mind Health.  


If we can catch Mind Health early we can take the influx on the NHS and hopefully help each other through some difficult times - I know one thing we all have some kind of Mind Health issues be it  work, Family, relationships, sexuality, body image, loss - the list goes on. 


84 men take their lives EVERY WEEK - 1 in 15 men think about suicide - I believe if we start talking, we can really help each other. We are not doctors or psychiatrists but hopefully we can talk and help each other in the right direction.


I know that every man who thinks of taking his life is loved not only by family but work mates and friends and more than anything will leave an everlasting hole in their lives - how do I know - I HAVE BEEN THERE


I want us all to help each other - Talking is not weak -and sharing our stories we can help each other. 


When I started this adventure, I thought how am I going to get people on board - well I started talking to my friends and have been amazed that so many have stories and any have not told anyone.  Two of my close friends tried to commit suicide in their teens. Another of my friends who I have known for almost 18years tried to take his life two years ago. One of my family members lost almost 11 stone an amazing guy. A friend Caroline lost two brothers and three family members to suicide. I have friends how had major anxiety. I have friends who are going through divorce and can’t wee their children due relationship problems. Many of my friends are going to share their stories with us. 


We plan to have filmed conversations not only with men, we will have book inks and video links you can go to to get information. 


This is a blog section where you can leave your stories


We will have medical advice regarding mens health (testicular, prostate and bowel cancer) how to check your ball and signs for bowl and prostate issues. 


A home page for our young teen lads give having details and their bodies and sexual health - so many think they know so much but really don’t.  Again, facts will be given there will be pod casts and videos relating to teen lads 


There will also we some fun stuff all kinds of sports new bands